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Letra de: Higher Level : Maestro Fresh-Wes

ALBUM   Naah, Dis Kid Can´t Be From Canada !!
TEMA   Higher Level
AUTOR   Maestro Fresh-Wes

Letra De Higher Level

[Maestro Fresh Wes]

Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying

Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint

First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name

You never see me pointing to the next male

Never seen me judge my cuz, I'd rthter show love

' Cause poverty's got a grudge and the grudge won't budge

But nigga's gotta do what a nigga's gotta do

What's nigga gotta do to make dough and watch the zeros grow

I'm working hard, I make a beat I make a rhyme

Trying to make a dime, black man change your state of mind

PEACE! to PE, BDP and X-Clan when I give a pound

It's never with my left hand

Styles are living long, you know my word is bond

' Cause my rhymes are cock strong

Like the fruit of Islam, word to God yo

Times is hard yo

I'm just a regular brother coming straight out of Scarborough

Fresh Wes'll never perpetrate and be a gun man

That shit'll be funny like Aaron Hall catching a suntan

I just be myself, maintain my health

Concetrate on my wealth, ' cause you know I go for delf

G-O-D's the only one who dictates

And before I plant seeds you know I got to get my shit straihgt

Concrete jungle's could trample

A little nigga without a father figure, or an example to follow

Young minds are getting swallowed by the devil

We got to help the youth, elevate to a higher level

[CHORUS: Maestro Fresh Wes]

No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind

I ain't blind, I know the time

No shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind, no shackles on my mind

I ain't blind, I know the time

[Maestro Fresh Wes]

Check it

I made a record hitting h! ard like a wall

I say without togetherness we got nothing at all

Progess will stall, the blackman will fall

And if you don't believe me, check the Final Call

I'm getting bolder ' cause I'm getting older

Some say I told ya, I known he had a chip on his shoulder

Nah, I love my people like a passion

Give me the opportunity, I write about unity

The community will prosper, or should I say grow

When brothers and sisters know the right way to go

I make beats and I'm all about peace

Refuge is what I seek from anxiety and grief

My mind stays focused, my vision stays clear

I concentrate on my career, successs is near when I say my prayers

I take a deep breath, I'm tired of being oppressed

I always try my best, Fresh Wes won't stress

I'm sharper than a shank, rhyme's heavy like a tank

I want to put my money in a blackman's bank

Point blank, I even met Queen Elizabeth

(You didn't bow did you Maestro )

Money don't be ridiculous

That's some silly shit, you know she ain't significant

I only got to bow to Allah the magnificant

Through bass and treble, I never back peddle

Side step the devil and move to a higher level

"We be living in darkness" [x3]

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