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Letra de: Bringer Of Silence : Mactatus

ALBUM   Suicide
TEMA   Bringer Of Silence
AUTOR   Mactatus

Letra De Bringer Of Silence

walking against time

reliving decay and despair inheriting the sensitivity of absolution a leap of faith bringing

forth vulnerability battle cries from tha above

bringer of silence relice from the living scared from the dead in form of sheep,wandering with

the wolves giving place for anxiety in a world of no fear escalator of pain

bringer of silence opening the gates where life is undone inspired by miraculus life glow and

the fluid leaking frome the chosen singled out as absured

bringer of silence a dead of kindness in depriving man of death by an out cast cheated from

years worth of hate enduring as a slave of innocence apparnetly the longing for benefaction

disintegration the blackness of bleeding eyes eyes that have senn craetion of destruction the

bringer it self walkes amongst all bringer of silence

endorer of the dying

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