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Letra de: Conducting Thangs : Maestro Fresh-Wes

ALBUM   Black Tie Affair
TEMA   Conducting Thangs
AUTOR   Maestro Fresh-Wes

Letra De Conducting Thangs


Move with the Maestro, you feelin hot so

you set the blend, the crescendo is nice yo

So nice that you wanna sweat when I start to wreck

Symphony in Effect was just a mic check

You fell for the bait and got decapitated

Dissed and deflated, evaporated

Gone like a dew drop

You try to crush me now here comes a true drop

of rhymes my cultivation

attractin more brothers then Kennedy Station

Resignin I'll refine my lines

and pour the metaphor while the blind decline

I'll swing while my sisters sing for the brother

who's conducting thangs


conducting thangs

oh eh ahh


I wrote a jam called Private Symphony

Now girls are fly to be private nymphs for me

Lingere neglege and all that

They wanna get on the Maestro love mat

Well I'm single and I won't surrender

So many roni's that want the tender

When it comes to money the Maes don't joke

So don't eff around with my federal notes

I'm live on stage, D's on the fader

The set is def so my mic's like a lightsaber

Two tigers are always dis

Even if i had a lisp I'd still sound crisp cause

I'm a brother who's real not fake

and I heard Robert Palmer wants to do a remake, huh

When it comes to rhymes don't steal or take

be original don't duplicate

Cause I'm 5 foot 10 but Big like Ben

Johnson I'm the black Charles Bronson

Death Wish, Death Wish, Death Wish

I run a dead pool you're number one on my list

So step aside step back step off

I'm gonna tour on your girl now she thinks he's soft

Fresh Wes is sweet like molasses

when I hit ! the club s I scoop so many ass…

..istance, no I go solo my brother

Yeah, word to the mother

I'll swing while my sisters sing

for the brother who's conducting thangs



Because I'm from Canada

don't think I'm an amateur

cause I'm so fly I'm dropping dope like Panama

Last year I wore a black tuxedo

The chicks paid to see me in my silk black speedos

in my whirlpool or in my jacuzzi

with a uzi on the side the Maes don't snooze

From Toronto with sex appeal

Dark skin with curly hair unlike Curly Neal

I don't play ball cause I can't throw it down

But my rhymes make it sweeter than Sweet Georgia Brown

No beginner but a winner, pass the champagne

Girls be on my jock, they can expect a 12 from my Hanes

I never change, I was made to lay low, you know lie low

stay cool and drink Milo

and I still chill

with my homies Ebony, and Bungalo Bill

To all the girls that I duped before on tour

I'm comin back for more

cause the new LP, huh, you're gonna have love it

me and LT, huh, and easy does it

and do it easy Farley Flex and Floyd

We give a word to the unemployed

So party hardy while my sisters sing

for the brother who's conducting thangs

I'm couducting thangs



High packed concert halls and packed domes

You went crazy when you first heard Backbone

The club jam that made ya hype

Are you on the floor, cause I'm on the mic

The bass ya felt made your mouth felt frozen

Then you scream ' Roll Over Beethoven'

Since he was a youth Maestro drove hard

Now I'm the modern day ! ebony Mo zart

The man of the hour to sweet to be sour

From Bichmont just north of Glendower

Those who appose I will devower

because I'm asiatic and I got the power

To say the kind of rhymes that make you say hot damn

isn't that the brother that went to lamb

the kisses I deliver are like champagne

or bambino put the ladies insane

When it comes to girls don't mess with Wes

by the time you clock digits I got the address

So many freaks on the Maestro tip

Is it me, my conductor's stick, or my money

I'm no fool, that's why I'm just playin it cool

to all the girls who used to dis the Maes

say I could have been like Ice T's wife

on the cover of the albums, with gold medallions

but you blew it so take a valium

and just swing while my sisters sing

for the brother who's conducting thangs


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