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Letra de: For The Revolution : Kalmah

ALBUM   For The Revolution
TEMA   For The Revolution
AUTOR   Kalmah

Letra De For The Revolution

To the mighty star, to all its people, to the mankind

And to all true believers

You have known your brother and your leader

You know he never bowed to the despots

The dark cloud wavering in the sky

Pushed forward with ill-willed wind

Underneath walks a man having a dream

Wants to teach us his own way to live

Forgiveness is the word that he spreads

Through the barrels of the guns he have made

Entire world he wants to obey

And more power for himself to take

What does he want from us What is the reason

To occupy and to conquer, in the name of freedom

We don't need his principle in revolt we shall rise

Soon he will notice that no-one converts us

The protest marchers fill up all the streets

Soon will bleed in the hands of police

The peaceful riot dispersed by the fire

In our eyes burning bright we will fight

So my brother, reach out your hand

And receive the true meaning of faith

The seed of the war has been planted

Stand firm

For the Revolution

We rise, We die

Amber lights illuminate all guns blazing

I am the whip of God lashing you down

This land that yesterday leaked nectar

Now nothing but a battlefield opened wounds


I can smell the gun oil in my hands

When I'm taking away empty shells

I can see someone falling down dead

So the game is about to begin

Our faith is our bedrock

We shall not give up till we drop

And we wonder, we cannot understand

The meaning

For the Revolution

We rise, We die

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