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Letra de: Hero : Machinae Supremacy

ALBUM   Other
TEMA   Hero
AUTOR   Machinae Supremacy

Letra De Hero

They try to beat me

but they will not ever defeat me

This time we're on my battlegrounds

I'm gonna win, trust in me

I have come to save this world

and in the end I'll get the grrrl!

I've missed it, so twisted

and unsurpassed in my head

This sense of power has awakened in me

I feel I could take on the world

a day like this

my rage is brewing like a storm

And now the storm has grown

out of control

Right here, the voice of anger

taking tone

Cause now the fire

in our hearts explode

Baby, let's blow this joint

and build our own

Sometimes you just need to

level everything with the ground to

make room for all the things

you wanted somehow

And I have known it all along

the day is coming

when you will reap your evil ways

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